Sunday, December 20, 2009


Another day that ended too soon.  Doesn't seem like we ever get that much done but we are on the move whether at home or out running errands in the car.  We treated ourselves to a veggie burger and fries at Fuddruckers and afterwards made yet another trip to the hardware store about the key to the front door.  The weather was mild with clear blue skies.  Just the kind of day for outside excursions.

Back home from all the activity, Mike spotted a table, as we were parking and wondered, if one of our neighbors might be looking for someone to relieve them of the furniture.  Upon closer inspection, I was very happy to find out that not only were they interested in getting rid of the table, but that it was an antique.  What a find!  We've put away the project table and the living room looks roomier and more homey. 

Have to get to bed early and wake up early so I have time to write "thank you's" to the staff and parents at the preschool, who were so generous at Hanukkah as well as take care of some money matters.

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